Empower Your Videos With Simple To Use AI Features

Revolutionize your video content with our innovative AI-enhanced tools. Embrace the future of content creation and enhance accessibility and engagement for a global audience.

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Our web app is designed with powerful features ready to meet the needs of diverse content creators. Elevate your video creation process with SubCap Genie and unlock the full potential of your digital storytelling!

Snip & Clip

Optimize your videos with our snip and clip feature, allowing you to select different aspect ratios perfect for social media. Crop your video to the desired time length to highlight the best moments.

Captions & Translate

Generate accurate captions and translate them into multiple languages. Expand your audience by making your videos accessible to viewers worldwide.

Enhance with Music

Elevate your video's mood by adding music from our curated selection of stock music tracks. Or, feel free to upload your own tunes to perfectly match your content.

AI Chapters/Timestamps

Organize your video content with AI-generated chapters and timestamps, making it easier for viewers to navigate and engage with your content.

AI Video Summary

Utilize our AI to generate a concise summary for your video, perfect for use as a description to attract viewers and improve SEO.

AI Title(s) and Keywords

Let our AI propose up to five captivating titles for your video, accompanied by relevant keywords and hashtags. Enhance discoverability and engage your target audience more effectively.

Start Transforming Your Videos Into Captivating Stories For A Global Audience!